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buying or building house in Bulgaria
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Buying or building home in Bulgaria

Recently Bulgaria is becoming the ideal place to live, aided by the low cost of  living, and why not, the scenic beauty and the warmth of the Bulgarian people. Property prices are among the lowest in the world.

If you are interested in coming to Bulgaria and living there, read our valuable advices.

The process of buying an apartment in Bulgaria is similar to many EU countries. Required documents and money enough to make the transaction.



A few years ago it was necessary to set up a company on-site in order to buy ownership .Today, however, by virtue of the entry of Bulgaria into the EU, even foreigners can buy and inherit property located in the country.

Requests are some of nature tourism, and thus refer to the coastal resorts of the Black Sea, as Burgas, Varna and Sunny Beach, or head to the richest cities, venues and universities industrie.There are good investment opportunities in the capital , where you can find apartments at modest prices.

If you want an apartment already completed, so you have decided to buy a property, you’ll want to stay in the area a few weeks before making a final decision. You’ll have the chance to visit all the apartments for sale on the square, realize the close proximity to or less main services, the livability of the neighborhood, if the house is near or far from the sea, if there are no factories or landfills nearby for example.

When the prices houses are low, you may be tempted to make a hasty purchase, without considering that maybe just those properties are located in remote areas of the region, where scarce infrastructure or services. So, you don’t focus on analyzes made online, but take a plane and visit personally Bulgaria.

If your desire is having a custom home for you that fully corresponds to your needs, then you can groped the way of construction. At the firtst, you must  purchase the land, and only if this is considered as building local authority your dream will go on. You can never build a house on land classified as industrial or agricultural, unless this is not convertible into building land.

Once your piece of land was purchased with a deed, you will need to obtain a permit to begin construction of the house. It is important that you present the project, along with a schedule of the work completed. It usually takes two months to get permission, will give you some tips on how to build your house, respecting the parameters of extension in height, width and volume.

Still, you will need to obtain approvals for the connection of water, gas and electricity in the area where you want starting construction. Once this is done, you can finally start building your own home.

Considering the low cost of labor and materials, you can afford to live in a luxurious villa of nearly 200 sqm with swimming pool, patio and wooden fence with just 110,000 Euros, cost which includes the costs of planning and design.

What are you waiting for? I almost do a little thought, too.

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