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Bulgaria Tourist Attractions

As Bulgaria continues to attract more and more visitors, the list of activities available continues to grow. We have therefore listed some of the more popular types of pursuits for visitors to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria places to see

Mountain Sports
Bulgaria has no less than four different mountain ranges, the Stara Planina, the Rhodope, the Rila and the Pirin mountains. After receiving major investment from the EU Bulgaria now boasts three international quality ski resorts, Pamporovo, Borovets and Bansko. These resorts offer piste up to 2715m above ski level with ski runs totalling up to 75km.

In summer the mountains continue to attract a large number of visitors with some of the best hiking in Europe available. Mountain bikers and horse riders are also beginning to discover the attractions of Bulgaria.

The area around Sopot in the Stara Planina also boasts some of the best handgliding and paragliding conditions in Europe.

Beach Resorts
With a coastline of 354km along the Black Sea, Bulgaria attracts many hundreds of thousands of holiday makers every summer. The commercial season runs from May through to October every year with most beach resorts remaining shut outside of this main holiday period.

The coastline boasts a number of world class beaches offering deep, fine golden sand. The area of the Black Sea around Bulgaria also has sea temperatures in the summer months that are actually higher than the Mediterranean. With little or no tide and very small waves, swimming in the Black Sea is very safe for both young and old.

Heath Spas
In the coastal regions many areas offer special mud treatments from the coastal lakes. These have become famous for their healing and youth giving qualities attracting many tourists all year around.

In the mountain regions, Bulgaria has literally hundreds of natural mineral water springs. A great many of these are thermal with temperatures up to 60 degrees and with a wide variety of mineralisations. Towns such as Bania (near Bansko) and Velingrad offer traditional spas (some dating back to Roman times) where bathing and other health treatments are available. As with most activities in Bulgaria, these health spas cost around 20-30% of the price of similar locations in Western Europe.

Cultural Attractions
Bulgaria has a rich history. Many visitors find time to journey to many of the cultural sites dotted throughout Bulgaria. Some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe are located within Bulgaria’s borders with new discoveries still being made. Combined with the rich religious heritage of the region, there is no shortage of sites to visit. In recognition of the importance and unique nature of many of these locations, some have now been given UNESCO World Heritage status.

Unlike many other parts of the world, Bulgaria has retained a great number of traditional folk and religious celebrations. Almost every week in Bulgaria there is a celebration taking place in one of its many regions. From the orthodox Easter to the Valley of the Roses celebrations, visitors should find the time to explore at least some of these events.

For a full guide to the locations and events we recommend purchasing a detailed guidebook.

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